Kollide Kirby 2

Kollide is a modern and customisable Kirby CMS 2 theme that comes with dark and light skins.

What's Inside

One of the best Kirby 2 CMS themes with all of its assets

Theme Files

PHP, SCSS, JS and icon files are included. You have full control over the code and can modify everything!

Demo Content

Page structures, Texts, Images and Videos are included for a solid kick-off start of your next project!

Theme Version 1.0.1 · Released Sep 28, 2018
Kirby CMS
Kirby Versions 2.x.x
PHP Versions 7.x.x

Theme Features

Everything you would actually use! Nothing more, nothing less

Page Transitions

SPA-like transitions that make the whole experience of using the theme slick and smooth.

Responsive Layout

Kollide supports Desktop and Mobile out of the box, so you have nothing to worry about.

20+ Components

Things like Gallery, Carousel, Accordion, Forms, CTA Buttons and more. View all

User-Friendly Panel

The Panel Settings are organized in a logical way, which makes it really fun to use.

Easy to Customize

Via Panel or with code - within minutes you can have entirely different look and feel.


Choose how to list your Projects: one, two, three or four items per row - again with just a click.

Projects Showcase

Kollide goes with predefined Projects section that is perfect for sharing your awesome work.

Blog Section

If you want to write - Kollide is here for you. With its Blog section you're ready to go.

Page Headings

With a support of Alternative titles your single view can have useful introduction now.

Video Headers

If you prefer, you can display a short video instead of an image in the header.

Slider Headers

If you have multiple images that need to be displayed - go for a Cover Slider.

Image Headers

Each page or entry supports a header image that can be selected by a dropdown.


Choose one of the 732 currently available Google Fonts via Panel.


Select your main colors via built-in color picker from the Panel.


Choose how many Project or Blog articles you want to have in the listings.

Social Links

Just paste the links to your social media profiles and they will appear as icons in the Footer.

Dark & Light

Change the skin with a single click on a checkbox - dark or light, whenever fits better on your style.

Logo Replacement

Notes taken from my previous themes - now you can easily set your logo from the Panel.